New Kids on the Block Then & Now -- See What They're Up To! (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Oct 30, 2015 Celebrities
New Kids on the Block Then & Now -- See What They're Up To! (PHOTOS)

Grab your crop tops, high-waisted jeans, and scrunchies (wait — didn't two of those '90s trends make a fashion comeback recently?). We're taking a walk down memory lane, step by step (couldn't resist), with Jordan, Jonathan, Donnie, Joey, and Danny. Nearly 30 years later, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) are still hangin' tough (I know...sorry!). 

Check out what these five guys from the Boston suburbs have been doing since they serenaded us with some of our fave boy band hits of the '90s.


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  • Jordan Knight: Then


    Image © Gregory Pace/Sygma/Corbis

    The year was 1984, and 14-year-old Jordan Knight was recruited by his neighborhood friend Donnie Wahlberg to join a new boy band, New Kids on the Block. Knight went on to serenade us with his famous falsetto in one of the bands many #1 hits, "I'll be Loving You (Forever)." When NKOTB parted in 1994, Knight kept a low profile for five years until he released his self-titled solo album.

  • Jordan Knight: Now


    Image © Adanne Osefoh/Splash News/Corbis

    After a 30-year music career, Knight is still rocking the stage in his 40s. The teen heartthrob has racked up numerous creds: touring with NKOTB as well as with another famous former boy bander, Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys); releasing a solo album, Unfinished; and settling in as hockey dad to kiddos, Dante and Eric, whom he has with wife Evelyn. 

  • Jonathan Knight: Then


    Image via Teen Beat Magazine

    The other Knight of the band, Jonathan didn't let his more introverted demeanor deter him from joining his little bro, Jordan, when Donnie Walhberg summoned them to join the band. He enjoyed success with NKOTB until he spearheaded the group's split in 1994. The overwhelming pressure of performing reportedly led to panic attacks and while the other NKOTBs left to pursue solo careers, Knight took a break from the music industry and found success in real estate.

  • Jonathan Knight: Now


    Image © KMS/Splash News/Corbis

    The 46-year-old boy bander is back on the road with NKOTB, and more comfortable than ever in the spotlight. Knight has more than his New Kid reunion to laud these days. He recently celebrated the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling and took his boyfriend's last name. In 2015, Jonathan Knight Rodriguez and his partner, fitness coach Harley Rodriguez, traveled the world competing in The Amazing Race.

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  • Donnie Wahlberg: Then


    Image © Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

    When 15-year-old Donnie Wahlberg auditioned for well-known producer Maurice Starr, the musical style that Donnie grew up loving, rap and soul, came out in force. Starr was blown away with Walhberg's talent for rapping, singing, and dancing. Not only did Wahlberg lend his vocals to the group, he is also responsible for the band's moniker. "New Kids on the Block" was taken from one of Wahlberg's own rap lyrics. Touted as the "bad boy" of the band, he did have some run-ins with the law, but he played up his persona as part of NKOTB until the group separated.

  • Donnie Wahlberg: Now


    Image © Splash News/Splash News/Corbis

    Hailing from a family of nine children and growing up in a poor section of Boston, the kid whose family once lived off food stamps beat the odds and has become an Emmy-winning producer, actor, and singer with earnings of over $20 million. Wahlberg, now 45, made a name for himself in the acting circuit and is currently starring in the TV series Blue Bloods (when he isn't performing with NKOTB). He recently married Jenny McCarthy and the two appeared in their own reality show, Donnie Loves Jenny. 

  • Joey McIntyre: Then


    Image © Wayne Stambler/Corbis

    McIntyre was brought into the band to replace Jaime Kelly, who only lasted six months with NKOTB. While it took three years for NKOTB to achieve noteworthy fame, McIntyre stuck out the ride as the youngest of the band. The only member not from the same town as the rest of the band, he eventually proved himself with the group. 

  • Joey McIntyre: Now


    Image © Gus Reulas/Corbis

    After the group disbanded in 1994, McIntyre starred in the 1995 flick Fantasticks. Five years later, he collaborated with former band mates Wahlberg and Wood and released a hit album, Stay the Same. Besides crooning hits such as "Please Don't Go Girl" to both new and old NKOTB fans, the youngest member of the band, now 41, stars in the CBS series The McCarthys.

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  • Danny Wood: Then


    Image @ Neal Preston/Corbis

    A student at Boston University on an academic scholarship when the group formed, he ditched school to join the now-famous boy band. His decision proved to be a wise one, as the band went on to sell over 80 million albums. With music under his belt, Woods launched his own record label, Damage Records, after the group split.

  • Danny Wood: Now


    Image © Schipper_image SPACE/Splash News/Corbis

    Wood's decision to rejoin NKOTB in 2008 was solidified when the group agreed to help him raise funds for a cause near and dear to his heart, the Susan G. Komen foundation (the singer lost his mother to breast cancer). Wood has also produced several of his own albums under his DJ name, D-Fuse. After dabbling in acting and even aviation as VP of Halycon Jets, the divorced father of three announced he will release his seventh solo album, Look At Me, in 2016.


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