Kate Middleton Gives Sweet Details on What Prince George Is Into These Days

Like many young children, Prince George is obsessed with animals and nature. But Kate Middleton revealed George has no use for dinosaurs at the museum — instead, he favors an ubiquitous bird and one cute bug that even most adults wouldn't mind holding. 


The 33-year-old royal mom attended an event for the children's early intervention program Chance UK and shared a cute story about her toddler. On a recent trip to London's Natural History Museum, 2-year-old George wasn't impressed with the dinosaur exhibit. Instead, his eye landed on a pigeon and he proceeded to ignore the exhibits and focus on the bird. I could see this being a maddening situation if you've spent money and time getting your little one to a museum (and I'm sure, in Kate's case, preparations have to be made to ensure other guests aren't browsing at the same time). But at some point you just have to hand over the keys to your toddler and let him explore whatever he finds fascinating.

It seems George has another favorite critter — probably one of the few bugs that wouldn't freak us out if we found one in the house: He loves ladybugs, according to Kate. I can picture him playing in the royal garden, sitting on the grass, and touching and playing with a line of ladybugs — it seems like Kate and Prince William are doing what they can to ensure he and Charlotte have sweet, totally normal childhoods. Well, as normal as possible.

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Kate reportedly spent the day speaking to children and listening to their stories at the event. When an 8-year-old girl named Faith Buchanan showed her a picture she had made of a princess with special powers, the duchess sweetly told her she wished she had special powers.

Kate has been blowing us away lately with her charity and sweet disposition. She is committed to improving the lives of young people, and motherhood seems to have made her even more empathetic to their needs.


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