Kylie Jenner Forced to Hide in Her Car After Being Attacked (VIDEO)

In an incident that proves it's scary to be a reality star these days, Kylie Jenner says she was attacked and took to her car for safety.


Kylie looks visibly shaken in the very, very brief clip circulating around from a Snapchat, and with good reason. Last month she was attacked at a Chris Brown concert when someone viciously yanked at her hair. The Victoria she's referring to in the video is her personal assistant.


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What is going on out there? Maybe you're not a Kardashian fan or you don't agree with Kylie's words or actions, but to attack someone is completely crazy and uncalled for. Reportedly the 18-year-old has asked for her older sisters to lend their security guards so she can feel safe, but it's not like she can live that way all the time.

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Can everyone just put a stop to the insanity and allow people (yes, even those on TV) to live their lives in peace? We sincerely hope Kylie's assistant was able to calm her down after the incident and that she's in better spirits today. She may lead what appears to be a fast-paced lifestyle, but the youngest Jenner girl is still just a teenager and should be treated accordingly.


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