Happy Birthday Caitlyn Jenner: 10 of Her Most Inspiring Moments So Far (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Oct 28, 2015 Celebrities

caitlyn jennerCaitlyn Jenner turns 66 years old today, but in many ways, her life is just beginning. Like a true Scorpio, queen of rebirth, Cait has truly transformed in many ways. She's a trailblazer, and these inspirational moments are changing lives for the better.

Not only has she become a fashion icon, wearing the same dresses as Kate Middleton and looking to Angelina Jolie for gown ideas, but Cait also remains dedicated to changing the lives of children for the better. She has become quite an advocate for trans kids as well as any child who is bullied. The changes she is making are admirable -- check out some of her most inspirational moments so far.


Image via Ronin 47/Splash News