Pippa Middleton May Move to America Much to Kate's Dismay

Kate Middleton may be committed to staying in the United Kingdom indefinitely, but that doesn't mean her little sister isn't open to exploring new horizons. Pippa Middleton reportedly wants to move to America -- and Kate is not happy about the decision.


Pippa recently broke up with Swiss banker Nico Jackson. The rumor (of course) is that she wants to move to the states to snag a wealthy husband and fears every eligible bachelor in England is afraid to date her because they don't want to be hounded by paparazzi. Kate is reportedly ashamed of her sister for putting her desire to climb social ranks and find a good husband ahead of her family. Is everyone suddenly living in an Edith Wharton novel?

I think we're getting a little carried away here. For one thing, Pippa's reasons for wanting to move, assuming she really is interested in leaving the U.K., probably have a lot more to do with career opportunities than with men. It's not as if an intelligent woman revered all around the world for her killer bikini body and butt is going to have a problem finding a boyfriend.

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The 32-year-old had an audition for NBC's The Today Show a while back, but she made the choice not to pursue it because she didn't want to leave Nico behind. With that obstacle out the way, I wonder if Pippa may become a TV star in the states. Her book Celebrate apparently didn't do so well and publishers reportedly aren't interested in her latest diet and fitness project, #PippaTips, so why wouldn't she want to break free and seek other opportunities to succeed?

Let's not forget how difficult it must be to live in the shadow of your older, royal sister. As long as she lives in the U.K., Pippa is always going to be known first and foremost as Kate's sister. If she were to move to New York City, she could start all over and make a name for herself here. It sounds like a great idea.

As far as Kate's feeling ashamed of her sibling, I can't imagine that being true. I'm sure the duchess supports Pippa's choices, as long as she's making them for the right reasons. And her move would give the royal family even more reason to visit America more often -- it's a win for everyone.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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