Scott Disick Gets a Visit From His Kids but Kourtney Is Nowhere in Sight

scott disickThink what you want of Kris Jenner, but the woman is nothing if not loyal. In addition to helping to find Lamar Odom treatment in Los Angeles, Kris visited Scott Disick in rehab over the weekend -- and even brought all three kids. 


Entertainment Tonight managed to catch a few photos of Scott at his Malibu rehab facility on Sunday. The father of three was seen hugging a few friends and taking some pics with Kris. Scott, despite reportedly seeming "intense," was affectionate with all three of his kids -- Mason, Penelope, and Reign. He apparently picked up Mason and Penelope and was spotted giving 10-month-old Reign a kiss on the head.

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The visit lasted about two hours, and no, Kourtney Kardashian wasn't there. This could be because the visit was on the same day as Kim Kardashian's baby shower (Kris went after), but chances are it's more because, you know, she didn't want to go.

Despite the fact that Scott hasn't been a good partner or father in the past few months, it's important for the kids to see their dad -- especially if he's in his right mind and getting the help he needs. She may not agree with everything he's done, but it sure is nice of Kris to take the kids to see Scott, particularly if Kourtney isn't up to the task. 

Hopefully, seeing his kids will give Scott the determination and motivation to continue to receive the help he needs. He's been in rehab before, but has always checked out after about a week. Let's hope this time is different -- for his sake and the sake of his three small kids. 


Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram

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