Pal's Deposition Details Bobbi Kristina Brown's Alleged Drug Use

So this is basically devastating, on so many levels. Bobbi Kristina Brown's former roommate has come forward with some upsetting allegations, including accusations that Whitney Houston's daughter was into some pretty hardcore drugs before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub last January.


Danyela Bradley was apparently a good friend and roommate to the late Bobbi Kristina, and during a videotaped deposition that recently surfaced, she had some things to say about her.

Bradley admitted to smoking pot with Bobbi on several occasions, but also said that her friend indulged in harder stuff -- even though she never saw her do it. She gave the deposition in connection to the January 27, 2015, car accident that Brown was involved in, just days before her ultimate demise.

"She smoked marijuana, she probably smoked crack often, and also did heroin," Bradley claimed, although she never saw her partake in either.

Bradley and Brown got to know each other through their boyfriends -- Max Lomas and Nick Gordon, respectively. The foursome apparently lived together in the house that Whitney left her daughter, for about a month before Bobbi Kristina was found in the bathtub.

Bradley said that their relationship resembled one more of sisters, and also that she had no idea Bobbi Kristina was on harder stuff than pot at first. She said, "I would just visually see her physical being, and I could just tell."

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She also claimed that Brown "kept to herself" and would be "very sleepy" when she did heroin, and wouldn't even be "talkative" when she did crack. Because apparently having no proof of someone's drug use can be quantified by his or her unwillingness to socialize.

I really don't like reports of this nature. Of course it's entirely possible that Bobbi Kristina was using hardcore drugs -- the girl had been through a lot, and let's face it, both of her parents had a history with it -- but do we really need to go there after her death?

Bobbi Kristina died a tragic death. If there was foul play involved, I hope more than anything that the culprit is captured and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But right now, with no proof other than someone thinking that she saw the "signs" of drug use leading to Bobbi Kristina's death ... I think we should leave well enough alone.


Image via © PAUL BUCK/epa/Corbis

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