Anna Duggar Spends Quality Time With Josh's Family & We're Confused

Dude. Anna Duggar has been hanging out with her in-laws and looks happier than ever. Josh Duggar's estranged wife has been staying out of the limelight ever since it was revealed that he had not just one, but two accounts on the notorious infidelity website Ashley Madison, but Anna seems to be making a statement by posing for pics and smiling with his fam.


Anna's sister-in-law Jill Duggar and her hubby Derick Dillard recently departed once again for Central America to continue their mission work, and given the photos that the happy couple posted on their blog, it appears that Anna was a joyous part of the celebration.

Seriously, you guys ... Anna looked happy. It's the first time we've seen her smiling in public since Josh's first scandal hit the airwaves, let alone his second, Ashley Madison–related one.

Of course, that has us wondering what the heck is going on. Josh is reportedly still in long-term treatment for his sex addiction, or whatever we're calling it these days ... but no word that he has completed the program.

Last we heard, Anna was in Florida with her parents and four children, trying to figure out what to do. No one really seems to know whether her parents or Josh's want them to stay married or get a divorce, but there's been a lot of speculation over these photos of Anna with Josh's family that she's choosing to make it work with her wayward hubby.

Not so fast, people.

Given the fact that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar went to a marriage retreat recently with their daughter Jessa and son-in-law Ben Seewald, we have to wonder if the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch and his wife are more in favor of Anna's divorcing their son than we've been led to believe.

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After all, Jessa has been one of the most outspoken Duggars regarding Josh's wrongdoing, and the fact that her parents posted several pictures on their Facebook page of their all hanging out recently may say everything.

And then there are these pictures of Anna looking happy to be with the Duggar clan ... we know from past reports that her own parents haven't been supportive of a divorce, so could it be? Are Jim Bob and Michelle and maybe even the rest of Team Duggar on Team Anna?

We can only hope so. No matter what Anna decides to do with the future of her marriage, I hope that she has support all around. Even from the most unlikely of sources.


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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