Prince William Gives Kate a Hard Time for the 1 Thing She Can't Do

Prepare to love the Duchess of Cambridge even more. Prince William has confirmed that Kate Middleton is horrible at video games, which means you can have the perfect hair, wardrobe, and life, but that won't make you a Minecraft wizard. Hallelujah.


While visiting Dundee, Scotland, the royal couple met with winners of a computer game competition at Abertay University, and the world finally became privy to the one thing on earth Kate sucks at doing. Kate and Will decided to give the winning game a chance, but the duchess was reportedly reluctant to do so, joking, "I have a lot to learn."

Her awesome husband didn't miss a beat and added, "I can't educate her, she's not interested," before proceeding to destroy her at the video game. While they played, Kate yelled, "Come on, William!" and he teased and taunted her with "You got one" when she managed to do something right in the game. A witness named Camylle Tuliao even told People: "They were good for first timers. The duchess needed a little bit of help."

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It seems Kate needed a less stressful game after the first one they tried, so William directed her toward a tablet game called Strawberry Thief, which involves using your fingers to tap on and destroy insects that are trying to eat strawberries. Apparently, this one was more Kate's speed. Ha!

I can totally relate to Kate's need for a calmer, gentler video game. I feel like even those games in which the only objective is to drive a car to a certain destination become insanely (needlessly) complex. I sound like I'm 100 years old, but when the desire to play a game pops up, I always reach out for an oldie like Maniac Mansion or a game like Civilization, which lets me take over the world at a snail's pace.

Anyway, hooray, Kate is human! Now picture the royal couple at home trying to play video games together — and Will's frustration at learning Kate can't get past phase one of whatever game they're playing. It's all too awesome and perfect and makes me love her even more.


Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

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