Khloe Kardashian Cancels Book Tour Amid News Lamar Suffered Dozens of Strokes

khloe kardashianWith Lamar Odom still in ICU, Khloe Kardashian has been canceling all plans in order to stay by his side. She was noticeably absent from sister Kim's birthday party, and she may not make it to Kim and Kanye's upcoming baby shower, which was postponed due to Lamar's hospitalization. Now it has been revealed that Khloe's book tour has also been canceled.


After examining Lamar's brain scans, doctors reportedly noted that he suffered about a dozen strokes, which has caused issues with walking and talking, along with his motor skills. Lamar is on dialysis for kidney failure and had to have emergency surgeries for chest issues.

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There is a lot still unknown in Lamar's recovery, but Khloe has remained a constant source of strength and love for him. I have to say that I'm not just worried about Lamar, but about Khloe as well. She must be going through so much emotional, physical, and mental strain as she tries to be strong for him. She has essentially put her life on hold for him. That is love. That is what he needs now more than ever. And that is a beautiful thing.

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Khloe has always been a nurturer -- she is a beautiful soul with a huge heart. I hope she is able to take deep breaths and take care of herself during this difficult time as well. It was reported that she is sleeping right there in the ICU next to Lamar. She has not left his side. I'm thinking positive thoughts not just for Lamar, but for Khloe as well.


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