Kate Winslet Stands Up to Bullies Yet Again With New Animated Film (VIDEO)

kate winsletAnother day, another opportunity for Kate Winslet to do something awesome and empowering! Not only did the 40-year-old actress recently announce that she won't allow photos of herself to be retouched anymore, but now Kate's playing the lead role in an anti-bullying film!


Well, she's actually voicing the lead role in an anti-bullying film, because the film in question is animated (and short). Daisy Chain is the story of a little girl named Buttercup Bree who learns how to stand up to a bunch of nasty cyberbullies through the power of friendship, and Australian writer-director Galvin Scott Davis said Kate Winslet was (of course) his first choice to play the role. Luckily, Kate agreed after she read the script -- and just take a look at the results:

Beautiful, right? Kate, of course, has been open about her experiences being bullied as a child, and is clearly devoted to the cause of helping young people to feel good about themselves. So we're not surprised that she chose to do this project. But what's even cooler is that if not for Kate's words of encouragement to Davis years ago, the film might never even have happened! According to Davis, he met Kate some 20 years ago on the set of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. When Davis told the actress that someday he planned on telling his own stories to the world, Kate said, "My advice would be, never give up."

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And now she's starring in his film!! How awesome is that?? I guess we should all heed Kate's words of wisdom. Because sometimes, un-retouched dreams really do come true.


Image via ACE/INFphoto.com

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