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16 Totally Impractical Outfits Kim Kardashian Wore on a Plane (PHOTOS)

Kim KardashianIf you're one of those gals who likes to get on an airplane wearing your most comfortable sweats, you may want to rethink that attire after seeing what Kim Kardashian wears to fly the friendly skies.

From high heels to tight skirts, Kim's going for anything but loungewear while in the air. And sometimes her in-flight attire is downright crazy. Check it out!

Image via INFPhoto.com

Image via GVK/Bauergriffin.com/Splash News

1Tight White

No sweats and sneakers for Kim. Her in-flight look here is a pair of tight strappy heels and a skintight white dress. Hmm, let's hope it was a short flight!

Image via INFphoto.com

2Sky High

Kim gets it right on the comfy outfit, but cross-country in heels? Our feet hurt for her.


Image via SkyFall /London Entertainment

3Bust a Move

Even Kim looks uncomfortable!

Image via SkyFall /Ldn Ent/ Splash News

5Cruella de Kim

Kim channels her inner Cruella de Vil for this flight.

Image via INFphoto.com

6First Class

Either Kim's wearing the strangest fur scarf, or first class is handing out much nicer blankets than they do in coach.

Image via INFphoto.com

7Moth Attack

Raise your hand if you were thinking of wearing this exact same outfit for your next flight. Anyone? Anyone? No one? 

Image via Splash News

9Men's Wear

World's largest fur or Kanye's coat? Here's hoping that's Kanye's coat.

Image vi: Pixel Photo Inc / Splash News

10Beach Babe

Leather and fur, for Miami? Hmm.

Image via Splash News

11Genie in a Bottle

Kim looks like a genie flying to Australia to grant you a wish.

Image via Splash News

13Party Girl

Kim looks like she's going to party in flight. Maybe she is.

Image via MAB / Splash News

14All Dressed Up

This outfit is only crazy because Kim wore it as she was going on her honeymoon with husband #2, Kris Humphries. Remember him?

Image via Jackson Lee / Brian Prahl

15Romper Room

Looking back at this animal print romper, one could say this photo might be proof of the one time a Kardashian wished there were no cameras around. Woosh!

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