Johnny Depp Probably Won't Need Any Crazy Makeup for His Next Role

johnny depp, amber heardLooks like Johnny Depp has had enough of playing psychopathic gangsters for the time being, because his next project will put him all the way over on the other end of the character spectrum: The star is reportedly in talks to star as a dad who gets abducted by aliens in a live action/animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's children's story Fortunately, the Milk.


Billed as "a story of time travel and breakfast cereal," Fortunately ... tells the tale of a father (Depp) who "goes to the store to buy some milk and returns with wild tales of aliens, space-time travel, pirates and more." Sounds like something Depp can definitely handle, no? Especially that pirates part.

Depp will also produce with animation house Animal Logic Entertainment (the folks behind The Lego Movie); Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) will direct. And Flight of the Conchords fans take note: Bret McKenzie is writing the script -- so maybe we can expect a few comedic musical interludes? Here's hoping!

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To me, this is just one more example of how diverse the films Depp chooses to be involved with really are. From Whitey Bulger of Black Mass to a hapless, errand-running dad? Sure, Depp can do it. Seems to me like he likes to alternate between roles that are gonna require tons of makeup and other means of appearance-alteration and roles that allow him to just look like, you know, a guy. Considering he's also got Alice Through the Looking Glass (yikes, that wig!) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (yikes, that wig!) both coming up, he was probably really ready to just look like a regular Joe again.

For real, though, we'll take any Johnny we can get. Except maybe not the Mortdecai one. Dear lord, anything but that!


Image via ACE/ News

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