20 Successful Female Celebrities Who Were Told They Were Too Fat for Hollywood

khloe kardashian
Axelle Woussen/Bauergriffin.com/Corbis

Hollywood is probably the only place on earth where it's acceptable for a woman who weighs 105 pounds to be told she's fat. Luckily, more and more Hollywood starlets are proudly speaking out about staying at a healthy weight and refusing to cave to crazy body-weight demands.  


Hollywood actually has social media to thank for the shift in perspective. The body-positivity movement, which originated with fat women of color, spread over social media like wildfire in early 2016. While the movement certainly isn't without its problems, it has inspired a lot of female celebrities to speak up and out about the pressures to be "perfect" at all costs.

The scary part? Everyone from unapologetically plus-size stars to celebrities no one would even consider to be "big boned" have all been criticized for their weight in the industry. Production companies seem to have no qualms demanding women to lose weight, and some have even suggested they leave the industry altogether.

Thankfully, more and more women of Hollywood are shutting down these dangerous ways of thinking. The following is a list of fierce female celebrities who ignored haters, strove for success, and flawlessly achieved it just as they were. 

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