Caitlyn Jenner Copies Kate Middleton by Wearing Famous Blue 'Engagement' Dress (PHOTO)

caitlyn jennerPrincess Kate Middleton is certainly a style icon, and that inspiration hasn't escaped Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn was seen out with that now famous blue dress that Kate wore when she announced her engagement to Prince William. It's an Issa London dress, specifically the Phylis wrap dress, and it looks as lovely on Cait as it did on Kate.


Instead of tying it in the back like the princess did, Cait had a bow in the front.

Gorgeous ladies!

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What I want to know is, how did Cait get her hands on this dress?! It's constantly sold out because everyone wants to look like Kate. Even Cait. I guess when you're famous, you can get the dress.

While being around such style icons as her daughters, Cait cannot help but know fashion. She also loves wrap dresses -- they are classic and chic and look lovely with her super-long legs. And though people hate this comparison, the Kardashians (and Jenners) are sort of like our version of royalty. Totally different, I know. But our desire to know everything about this family is very much the same.

That deep V neckline is stunning, and we have to note the fact that Cait and Kate have very similar hair colors, and the style is long and silky. Dress like royalty; feel like royalty. I bet Cait felt like a princess.


Image via All Access/SPW/Splash News

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