Jessica Biel's Post-Baby Body Just Made All New Moms Want to Hit the Gym (PHOTO)

Hot mama! New mom Jessica Biel made her first red carpet appearance since giving birth to baby Silas last April, and damn, girl -- she looked amazing. Proud papa Justin Timberlake was by her side for the 2015 Fashion Group International Night of Stars Gala on Thursday night, but they did opt to leave their infant son at home, presumably with a sitter or doting grandma.


We never would've guessed that Biel gave birth less than six month ago, because she absolutely stunned in a knee-length teal dress with delicate lace cutouts at the shoulders, hem, and cuffs ending just below her elbows.

Meanwhile, we have no idea what JT is wearing here. Either his cummerbund tried to climb up his torso to see what the heck happened to his bow tie, or he's incredibly more fashion forward that me and making some sort of statement. Or maybe he lost a bet. Who knows?

Anyway, Biel looks all sorts of stunning in this dress, and it doesn't exactly look like it's very forgiving. I would be incredibly jealous of her for looking so incredibly hot just months after giving birth, but then I let myself think about all the working out she probably does (that I don't), and I have to hand it to her.

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No one gets a body that rocking after having a baby from breastfeeding alone, no matter what they tell you (except maybe Giselle, natch), and it's obvious that this mama has worked her hiney off to get so trim after having Silas. She deserves to strut her stuff on the red carpet a little. And by that I mean a lot.

Congrats, mama! You look fab.


Images via Janet Mayer/Splash News; Johns PKI/Splash News

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