Kate Middleton Voices Concern Over Prince William & Prince George's Safety

kate middleton prince williamPrince William rides a motorcycle -- either that fills you with horror or makes you quite delighted. I'm of the latter category; I bet Will looks quite handsome riding a motor bike. Kate, however, seems to be a mix of the two. Well, really, she said how Will's motorbike riding scares her and that she is afraid Prince George wants to ride, too. She's a mom, so of course she's concerned with his safety.


Since George is only 2, the only motorcycle we have to worry about his riding is a pint-sized toy. Though the more George sees his daddy ride his bike, the more of an interest he may have in riding, too. Perhaps that could lead to motocross, extreme sports, all the things a mother wants her kids to enjoy and yet when they really want to do it, it scares the crap out of us. 

We just don't want anyone to get hurt. At least not a hurt that a kiss and a Band-Aid can't fix.

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But it does seem Kate is a little more than concerned about Will's love of his moto. She said she is "terrified" when he goes out for a ride. Could this be a point of contention in their marriage? Is Kate really this fearful or is she putting it on for the press?

I'm going to guess a little bit of both here, too. Will is most certainly a responsible guy, and I suppose a prince riding around on a motorcycle in 2015 is the equivalent of a prince riding a horse in the old days. But since he's a father of two and a high-profile prince, I understand her concern. She has a lot of time to truly worry about George getting on a bike, though ... he still needs to learn to pedal with training wheels.


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