Mark Wahlberg Dresses as a Handyman for His Wife & Not Just on Halloween (VIDEO)

mark Wahlberg fantasy wife handymanKeeping romance alive while raising four kids can't be easy! So hunky actor Mark Wahlberg is only too happy to oblige his wife Rhea Durham's fantasy by dressing up as (wait for it...) a handyman from time to time.


Awww! Apparently, the former frontman for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch isn't afraid to get, well, funky if that's what makes his wife of six years happy. Take a listen as he tells Ellen DeGeneres all about it.

Man, we'd have to imagine that after all that working out, the 44-year-old must look pretty fine in a "wife beater," as he calls it. (Though maybe just say tank top next time, Mark. Thanks!) 

It's so funny to hear him say she just wants him to fix things. Isn't that really every woman's fantasy? Having a handy heartthrob husband is great, but what's even better is not having to find a repairman, wait at home during the six-hour window while wondering if he'll really show up, and then pay a fortune in labor charges. Unless, of course, you're a pro with the power tools yourself and then just enjoy your guy in costume!

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The Ted star didn't actually say that he's able to repair anything, but if it makes his stunning wife happy, we suppose that's all that counts!


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