Lamar Odom Undergoes 2 Emergency Surgeries

Little by little, Lamar Odom is taking the steps needed to recover from his heartbreaking health scare — but it isn't going to be easy. Odom reportedly received two emergency surgeries on Thursday and Khloe Kardashian is the only visitor allowed to see him.


The 35-year-old basketball player had to receive two emergency surgeries to help with reported "chest issues," though the exact details have yet to be revealed. Per a TMZ source, he is "in a fragile mental state" since the surgeries, and doctors have banned all visitors except for Khloe.

According to a source who spoke to US Weekly: "Lamar is not out of the woods. I think it's still really touch-and-go. Khloe is not really responding to friends who've reached out; I think she's just in a bubble with her family right now."

Since being airlifted to a hospital in Los Angeles after being found unconscious at Love Ranch South brothel in Las Vegas on Oct. 13, Lamar has been making improvements, which include starting to talk again and stand up. All the while, his estranged wife has been right by his side, and his health scare seems to have renewed their commitment to stay together through thick and thin, as they proved by destroying their divorce papers this week.

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I can understand why Khloe hasn't been in contact with her friends — it's going to take 100 percent of her time, commitment, and mental energy to stay focused and positive in order to help Lamar through this. But, knowing her family, I'm sure she isn't alone. The Kardashian and Jenner clan have proven they consider Lamar a part of their family and are pulling for him to get through this and get his life back on track.

No one wishes a tragedy like this on anyone else, but in Lamar's case, I have a feeling this might be his rock bottom — and I sincerely hope he learns from this experience and can get the help he deserves, so he can live up to his potential and be the solid partner Khloe deserves.


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