Kate Winslet Wants Girls to See How Women Really Age (VIDEO)

Kate Winslet Ever look at a magazine cover and spot a woman over 40 with the flawless skin of a teenager and wonder just how much her photo's been airbrushed? Well, actress Kate Winslet doesn't want her Lancôme ads retouched because she believes she has a responsibility to younger women to be who she really is. Good for her! 


The 40-year-old mom of three tells E! that she believes women of younger generations need to have "strong leaders," and by not having her face edited, Kate is standing up to the misconception that aging is somehow wrong or "bad." Wow, what a refreshing stance! 


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Though Winslet acknowledges that not all actresses will follow her lead, she believes she has to do what she's comfortable with for the sake of younger girls who may look up to her. We can only imagine that Winslet -- who is mom to 15-year-old Mia -- wants her daughter to feel confident exactly as she is, and if the teen sees her mom retouching her face, that sends a conflicting message.

Many publications have come under fire for excessive use of Photoshop and other tools that render some stars unrecognizable. And then there are the celebs who routinely undergo cosmetic treatments in search of the fountain of youth. 

The Steve Jobs star makes us laugh when she tells Harper's Bazaar

I'd rather be the woman they're saying 'She's looking older' about than 'She's looking stoned.' 

She's so right! Whether it's because of retouching or Botox, sometimes you see your favorite actresses and wonder what happened to their faces! 

We do hope more women would take a page from Kate's book. There's nothing wrong with growing older gracefully and having the courage to let the world see it.

This also makes your average woman feel a bit better about herself. No one wants to look in the mirror and think she's the only one with crow's-feet and those mysterious brown spots. It'll be interesting to see if more actresses take part.

Image via James Higgins / Splash News

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