Kate Middleton Is Already Sick & Tired of Her New Bangs (PHOTO)

Lots of us have been there: We get a new haircut or add a bit of fringe after seeing someone like Zooey Deschanel look so chic with them — only to promptly regret our decision. It looks like Kate Middleton is wishing her new bangs away, as she has been spotted in recent days doing everything she can to make them look like they never happened.


The 33-year-old mom of two cut long bangs into her famous chestnut mane a few weeks ago, when it seems like she also livened up the color a bit with a few pretty copper highlights. Many of us assumed she needed a boost and a change after giving birth to Charlotte a few months ago — totally normal and expected, right?

But then rumors began surfacing about how much Kate was regretting her bangs, how people couldn't stand them, and how even Queen Elizabeth thought they looked ridiculous. While most of the sane world either probably didn't even notice a difference in her hairstyle or did and thought, calm down, they're just bangs, they seem to be bothering Kate a lot.

And so, she has been experimenting with styles that attempt to conceal them.

Most recently, while meeting the president of China and his wife, she rocked a '70s-style sideswept bang, à la Farrah Fawcett — which I happen to like a lot on her:

At her first state banquet this week at Buckingham Palace, Kate wore her hair up in a chignon, Lotus Flower tiara sparkling, her bangs prettily pushed aside:

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On World Mental Health Day, Kate and William visited Harrow College, where Kate tried to keep her bangs out of her face:

I've never understood the big fuss about Kate's blink-and-you-miss-them bangs, but I think the problem she might have with them is that they don't do a whole lot for her, other than framing her face in a decorative way when she wears her hair up. She chose not to commit to short bangs — not that I think she should — but the cheekbone length she is sporting can be very aggravating because it constantly gets into your eyes and can look like it's just hanging there, kind of like a valance atop a long curtain of hair.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Kate wants the option of a shorter, funkier bang she can wear when she isn't attending high-profile events. Unfortunately, as a royal, she spends more time at dinner parties and charity events than at rugby games and rock clubs — so don't expect to see her style her bangs so that they take center stage anytime soon. 


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