Latest Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Are Not Impossible to Believe

If the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge think they have their hands full now with little George and Charlotte, they haven't seen anything yet. A new reports claims Kate Middleton is pregnant and that she and Prince William are expected to make their happy announcement about baby number three any day now.


This isn't the first time since Charlotte was born just a few months ago that folks have speculated about Kate possibly being pregnant again. But the rumor this time is that the 33-year-old is very early into her first trimester and isn't expected to show a baby bump until the new year, which I guess would explain why she looked anything but pregnant in her red Jenny Packham dress at this week's big state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

A "royal insider" told Life & Style the Duchess and Duke were not expecting to get pregnant so quickly, but that, yes, they were starting to try for another child. Meanwhile, Kate has reportedly been experiencing food cravings for spicy curries and pizza with chili flakes — a reminder of how pregnant eating is the best thing in the entire world. So far, she hasn't experienced any of the debilitating morning sickness she had with George and Charlotte, so fingers crossed that she gets a much-deserved break with her third baby.

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Of course, this is assuming any of these rumors are actually true. Apart from hearsay, Kate and William haven't done anything to make us believe they are expecting another child so soon after Charlotte's birth. Sure, Kate was MIA for a little bit, but the explanation for that could simply be that she is beyond busy with her tots. And the times she has emerged from Anmer Hall to attend events with Will, she looked absolutely the same as before — though we know from Kate's previous pregnancies that she tends to show late.

Then again, we've been hearing Kate wants more children. It's totally possible that they suspected it could take awhile for her to get pregnant, so better to start as soon as possible. If true, what an awesomely unexpected shock.

So, will Charlotte have a sibling so close to her age she/he is bound to be her built-in BFF? I guess we'll have to wait to find out — but please let it be true!


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