Khloe Kardashian's Divorce From Lamar Odom Is Officially Off

khloe kardashian lamar odomI suspected this was going to happen, but now reports say that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are giving their love another chance. Both Khloe and Lamar signed papers to end the divorce proceedings, which have been in the works since the summer but weren't signed off on by a judge. They are still legally married and it seems after going through a near-death experience, Lamar and Khloe realized how much love they still have for each other.


They are giving it another go! I am so happy for them! I can just imagine the moment -- Khloe's lawyer shows up with papers for them to sign, Lamar in the hospital bed, Khloe by his side as she has been for days and days, hoping for a miracle. That miracle happened -- Lamar is recovering -- and then another miracle happened -- they decide to stay married. Lamar signs. Khloe signs. They both have tears of happiness in their eyes. They kiss. It's like a movie! The papers were given to a judge and the request to stop the filing of their divorce was granted. Lamar, and the love he and Khloe have, is alive and well. Truly beautiful.

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I am always going to be a sucker for romance and love -- and while a hospital setting where one is recovering after nearly overdosing on drugs in a brothel isn't exactly an ideal setting, so what?! In this case, it seems, love conquers all. Khloe is committed to helping Lamar get through this -- he needs her now more than ever and she is going to be there for him. I'm so happy I need a tissue!

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Lamar is most certainly very loved by the Kardashians and Jenners -- he is known to have a magnetic personality with a very sweet and loving side. I truly hope he is able to make a full recovery -- not just regarding his health, but also with his marriage to Khloe. You've got to let love rule. Love is everything. All you need is love.


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