Demi Lovato's Song 'Father' Sheds Light on 'Abusive' Dad's Passing (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato dad demonsLosing a parent is never easy but it's particularly difficult if the relationship you shared wasn't the healthiest. Singer Demi Lovato reveals that her new song "Father" has helped her make peace with the passing of her dad Patrick Lovato, who she says was "abusive."


While promoting her new album Confident, Lovato released a behind-the-scenes video that includes the former Disney star's emotional journey to heal after losing the man she recalls as "mean." 

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The 23-year-old has been through a lot in her short life, struggling with substance abuse as well as eating and bipolar disorders. While she doesn't come out and say it, you can't help but wonder how much her dad's mental illness played a role in the demons she's been forced to overcome. 

Writing that song helped the singer process her feelings about losing the man who wasn't really able to be there for her, she explains. It's brave of Lovato to share this backstory, as others growing up in similar situations will no doubt be able to relate to the conflicted feelings she's describing. 

Speaking out on behalf of those seeking treatment for mental health issues has been a platform for Lovato, and it certainly seems like her ties to this cause run deep. For a young child, it's difficult to understand what a parent might be dealing with, but it sounds like as a young woman, Lovato might actually be feeling closer to her dad than ever, having stared down some of the same issues.

Let's hope writing this song is just another stop on her journey to healing. 


Image via Photo Rio News / Splash News

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