Kardashians Hope Lamar Odom's Big Scare Is the Wake-Up Call He Needed

lamar odomNow that things are looking up a bit for Lamar Odom, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is hoping this will be the kick that the basketball player needed to get on the straight and narrow. According to reports, the Kardashians are praying this will be a wake-up call for Lamar, who has completely spun out of control in the last few years.  


An insider claims that when Khloe heard the news about Lamar, she was shocked and saddened, but, like many people, not completely surprised. She's apparently been fearing this for a while now, and she's hoping that his overdose will force him to "make a change in his life and be the man he was created to be,"  as the insider told People.

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This whole experience must be so incredibly difficult for Khloe. She knows the potential Lamar has, and what a great person he can be. But, she's watched him slowly unravel his life, hurting her -- and others -- in the process. She of course didn't want this to happen to Lamar, but on some level she must have know that this was inevitable. The only good that can come of this is that this could finally be the thing that makes Lamar get help. 

Hopefully, Lamar will continue to make progress in the upcoming weeks and get his life back together.

And hopefully he'll find a way to thank his ex-wife. Because not many people would do what Khloe's doing right now. He's a lucky man -- in more ways than one. 


Image via Lawrence Schwartzwal/Splash News

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