Jill Duggar Returns to Her Mission & We're Kind of Wondering Why

And they're off again! Jill and Derick Dillard flew back to El Salvador on Monday, to return to a mission that we weren't sure still existed. The 19 Kids and Counting stars have faced a lot of scrutiny lately regarding their commitment to the people of Central America, and have even hit some snafus in regard to their official missionary status.


Baby Israel's parents even went so far as to offer refunds on the donation page of their blog to people who felt like they weren't spending their funds well.

Since entering the mission field several months ago, Jill and Derick have made three trips back home to the states, and were recently dealt a devastating blow by finding out that they would not be sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the International Mission Board (IMB), or even their own home church, Cross Baptist Church. 

It seems as though the couple jumped the gun on setting out to change the world, and lack the proper qualifications to become recognized missionaries by those organizations, mostly in the education department.

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Regardless, Derick, Jill, and little Israel have returned to Central America, this time presumably for the long haul. The couple wrote on their blog that it was "hard to say goodbye." They also said that they don't expect to return to the states until at least next summer, but we'll see if that's long enough to satisfy their critics.

It's unclear if they'll be working on their qualifications to become recognized missionaries, but they did share that they're going to be studying Spanish intensely to become fluent. Hey, at least it's a step.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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