Gwen Stefani Nearly Breaks Down in New Single 'Used to Love You' (VIDEO)

Gwen Stefani Used to Love YouWhen you picture this rocker, you think of a strong, confident woman. But in her new video for "Used to Love You," Gwen Stefani is nearly reduced to tears singing about what sounds like her recent split from hubby Gavin Rossdale.


Fans were shocked when this couple announced they were calling it quits after 13 years of marriage. Watching this video, it looks like this mom of three may have been blindsided by it as well. 

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It's heartbreaking to see the No Doubt singer and songwriter so heartbroken. And these lyrics really say it all: "I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you / I thought you loved me the most."

Wow! That's rough. While neither Stefani nor Rossdale has opened up about what caused the split, these words sure sounds like the Bush frontman may have been steppin' out on gorgeous Gwen. 

The video is so haunting because she's looking right at you and it's just painfully intimate. Imagine how Gavin must feel watching that. Ouch. It also shows that no matter how tough someone might seem on the outside, we all experience the same emotions when it comes to having our hearts broken. 

Most recently, the Voice star has been making headlines for enjoying the company of her newly single costar Blake Shelton. Hopefully, working out her feelings through her art will help her heal and she'll be back to the powerful force we all know and love in no time. 


Image via Gwen StefaniVEVO/YouTube

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