New Book Detailing Royal Life from Prince George's Perspective Is LOL Funny

Ever wonder what Prince George is thinking when he steps out of his house with Mom or Dad and is immediately flanked by hundreds of paparazzi? A new book entitled The Prince George Diaries attempts to capture Prince George's voice in a satirical style that fans of Bridget Jones will love.


The 2-year-old's life is dissected by British author Clare Bennett, who maintains a fictional diary written by the royal toddler starting in July 2014, when he wakes up on his first birthday and finds himself in a room with Kate Middleton, Prince William, and his Latin teacher (because it's never too early).

The book, which will be available in the U.K. on November 5, introduces us to the child of our dreams: an incredibly sarcastic, whip-smart boy who calls grandpa Prince Charles "Goonie" and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, "GaGa." Queen Elizabeth is "GG" and Prince Philip is "the oldest human on Earth whose first pet was a dinosaur."

But the greatest entries might just revolve around George's feelings about his baby sister, Charlotte. It can't be easy sharing Mom, Dad, and the royal spotlight with this beautiful little girl, can it? So, George calls her "Ringo," which he explains is a code name that goes well with "George," and he announces in a May 2 entry: "RINGO IS HERE. And it's a she."

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Of all of the novels and films inspired by the royal family, this one is, by far, my favorite. It sounds like Bennett respectfully portrays George and the people in his life and does so with much-needed humor, because, let's face it, it's pretty difficult to take some of the pomp in his life very seriously.

Knowing Kate and Will, they will react to this novel in their usual, lighthearted way. I can picture them buying a few copies to save for George and Charlotte so they can have a totally hilarious, fictional account of this special, hectic time in their lives. Next up (I hope): a Bennett book in the voice of Kate Middleton, though I'm afraid the chapter on Queen E alone would cause too much controversy. 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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