Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Dad Dancing Has Us All Hot & Bothered (VIDEO)

Last night Drake released his music video for the pantry-dropper song "Hotline Bling." The video, created by Director X, is sleek, minimal, and reminiscent of an iPod ad (and considering the video was released on Apple Music, that makes sense), and it features Drake wearing a cozy old-man turtleneck sweater and doing what can only be described as dad dancing. 


Which makes this the best video ever created. 



We are obviously not the only ones to be swooning over Drake's dad moves, because Twitter is all about it too:


And not only is Drizzy being compared to dads, but to uncles too: 


And yes, his moves are a bit ... dad-ish. 

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But we still can't help watching ...


And maybe, you know, buying our partners their own cozy turtleneck sweaters and demanding they learn Drake's dad dance moves. 


Image via itunes.apple.com

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