20 Pics That Prove Kate Middleton Can Do Anything in High Heels

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Kate Middleton
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The fact that Kate Middleton exudes style and grace is undeniable. She has effortless style and a charming demeanor that make her seem regal and accessible all at the same time. And because of her position in the royal family, Kate has to dress up more than the average woman. Unfortunately, this means the Duchess of Cambridge is constantly reaching for her best pair of heels -- when we are sure that she'd rather sport some comfy flats.


In fact, Kate Middleton is so graceful, she makes walking in heels look like a walk in the park. We don't know how she does it, but somehow she pulls it off every time. There must be some secret duchess training she had to go through. It's the only way she can look so calm and comfortable inches above the ground!

Regardless of what Kate's shoe secret is, we can't stop being impressed by her ability to endure long royal engagements in high heels. Whether it's a luncheon or even a sporting event, the duchess is always rocking a pair of heels like it's nobody's business! We only wish we could compose ourselves like she does while wearing perhaps the world's most uncomfortable piece of footwear. 

We will just have to accept that we'll never be able to deal with the pain and discomfort of heels like Kate can, but we are able to appreciate all the times she's sported the shoes. Check out Kate's most impressive moments in heels! 

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