Lamar Odom Was Reportedly Robbed While He Was Unconscious

Talk about adding insult to injury --  Lamar Odom was allegedly robbed while he lay unconscious in the Nevada brothel where he was found last week.


Who in the heck does that?

Yahoo reports that Dennis Hof, the class-act owner of the Love Ranch, told the New York Post that a man went into Lamar's room, taking his cell phone and some other personal items. Later that day another dude, alleging to be Lamar's bodyguard, told Hof he had no knowledge of the other guy who is thought to be the thief.

This story is so crazy convoluted. For starters, if Lamar had a bodyguard with him, why on earth did he allow the very person he was supposed to be protecting to engage in the very behavior that left him unconscious? On top of that, why did he leave two brothel employees to make the 911 call that Lamar was passed out cold and unresponsive?

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Literally none of it adds up. And if Lamar had the brothel's VIP suite, is there no actual privacy or protection included? Granted, I'm not well versed in brothel etiquette, but the whole thing sounds seriously sketchy and everyone appears to be covering their tracks.

If this report is true, we really hope he gets all of his possessions back. This guy has been through so much, and we're really pulling for him in all aspects of his life.


Image via Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News

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