These Female-Friendly Tweets Make Us Actually Like Ariana Grande (& Her Mom!)

ariana grandeThis perpetually ponytailed pop star may not be the world's most likable celeb. (Remember Donutgate?) But Ariana Grande just earned a few points in our eyes -- thanks to her MOM.


Ariana Grande's mom could be categorized as, um, outspoken. Like, you know, that time she allegedly suggested that Ariana put up a sexy selfie to Big Sean. And when Ariana didn't know what to write, Joan suggested: "Suck my a*s."

Because, you know, what are moms for?

Recently, though, Joan tweeted a pic of two magazine sections in a books store, along with the caption, "What's wrong with this picture??"

We'll give you a hint. One was labeled "women's interest." The other, "men's interest." Meaning that one contained fashion, gossip, and encouragement to lose weight. And the other was more think-y, tech-y, adventure-y mags.

Ariana instantly got the point. Here's how she took that feminist baton and ran with it.

Good points, yes? Many times, we're so busy scrambling to get through our day (work, get the kids to school, walk the dog, clean out the car, etc.) that we don't notice the very subtle ways that we're being stereotyped.

Or is it pigeonholed?

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Who decides whether we should learn more about toxic friendships and cellulite than about the global economic crisis or ice camping?

Later, Ariana tweeted, "I love u, my outspoken, feminist mama" along with the hashtags, "MenReadCosmoAndVogue" and "WomenReadForbesAndRobbReport."

Joan returned the XOXO.

Love the family feminism. But now we're dying to know -- what mags do you think THEY read? Could that "suck my a*s" comment have come from Scientific American?


Image via Noam Galai/WireImage

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