Kate Middleton Reportedly Wants to Ban Her Mum From All Things Royal

Can't a royal's mom enjoy a glass of wine without everyone freaking out? Apparently not — especially if you are Carole Middleton, who may be banned from future royal events by Kate Middleton after she was caught drinking alcohol at a Rugby World Cup game.


Everyone, including the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth, is reportedly mortified after photos surfaced showing Carole drinking wine she had reportedly hidden in her purse while attending a rugby game with family, including Prince Harry. The Queen's main objection to her actions seems to be that she brought the wine in herself, meaning: Carole reportedly broke a few stadium rules in her quest to kick back and enjoy the game with a little vino.

As you might have predicted, the photos have now spurred media outlets, including Star magazine, to speculate on whether Carole may be drinking too much. Take this with a grain of salt, but an "insider" told Star Carole's "drinking has escalated," and may be related to "rough patches in her marriage" to Michael Middleton.

I'm highly suspicious of the rumor, since it seems odd that it only leaked after Carole was caught drinking at a rugby game — something that isn't exactly uncommon at sporting events (though I do have to question why in the world a person who knows she'll be photographed would risk reportedly smuggling in booze). Maybe the stadium sells an inferior brand of wine? 

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Kate is reportedly so concerned for her mom that she has threatened to ban her from royal events and is already thinking about the holidays. Apparently, Carole got tipsy last Christmas and told inappropriate jokes until Kate dragged her away from the scene. Again, you have to question why this is coming out now — the same disloyal person who would gossip about this today couldn't possibly sit on such juicy information for an entire year, right?

Unfortunately, the only surprising thing about this particular bit of gossip is that it took so long to get out after the rugby match. Of course, I hope there is zero truth to the rumor that Carole is drinking too much, but I highly doubt her daughters and son wouldn't intervene in a more empathetic way.


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