Kourtney Kardashian's Fit Body Just Reached a New Level of Enviable (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianFact: Kourtney Kardashian could not look hotter these days. And no doubt, the mom of three knows it. Kourtney showed off her slim bod in a super sexy Instagram photo on Sunday, and all I can think to say is: Get me to the gym now please. 


In the photo, Kourtney hints to feeling anxious about something. She explains that working out is the only thing that ever helps. Sooooo ... has she been feeling exceptionally anxious lately or something? Because her body is crazy right now. 

Working out is one of the only things that helps when I'm feeling anxious. ��

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Feeling like you never want to eat pizza again? Or like you need to go for a run? Or at least buy some nice gym clothes? Same. 

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From the looks of things, Kourtney has been focusing on herself lately -- which is good; with everything that's been going on with her and Scott, she needs to. If she didn't take care of herself, everything else would fall apart even more. For a mom of three, it can't be easy for her to squeeze in workouts, but clearly she's making it a priority for a reason. 

Looking good amazing, Kourt. You're looking strong, happy, and healthy these days. No doubt, being without Scott is a good thing. Work it, Mama. 


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

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