Justin Bieber Makes 'Shrinkage' Jokes but We Know How He Really Feels About Those Nude Photos

justin bieberSounds like Justin Bieber is at least having a good sense of humor about those nude Bora Bora vacation pics leaked earlier this month: When asked about the now infamous photos by Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, the 21-year-old singer answered with a very Bieber-esque wisecrack: "That was shrinkage for me," he said. Um, for realz?? 


In case you've been living under a rock or some other remote spot with no Wi-Fi, the very revealing pics (snapped while Bieber was attempting to have a private getaway with model Jayde Pierce) quickly got a LOT of attention from a LOT of people -- including, disturbingly, Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy, who tweeted about being a "proud daddy." (“What do you feed that thing?” he also asked. How very, er, paternal?)

But Bieber's seemingly glib attitude regarding the invasion of privacy dropped a moment later when he revealed his true feelings on the subject, which are pretty close to the feelings of virtually every other celebrity who's ever had to deal with seeing his or her most intimate moments plastered all over the Internet:

"My first thing was like, how can they do this?" he asked. "Like, I feel like I can't step outside and feel like I can go outside naked ... You should feel comfortable in your own space, especially that far away."

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Fair enough, dude, fair enough. Sure, Justin Bieber is JUSTIN BIEBER, but when you cut him, will he not bleed? When you post pictures of his junk online, will he not feel at least slightly violated? Of course he will. Sadly, this story is nothing new -- if you don't believe me, just Google the term "nude photo leak" and see how many results you get -- but that doesn't mean it's any easier to deal with for the individual in those photos, no matter how famous he or she is. But while it would be great to see the paparazzi responsible punished in some way, the reality is that probably won't happen anytime soon -- so in the meantime, I guess the only way celebs have to protect their privacy is to not go outside naked. Which isn't so hard, right? I mean, how often do YOU go outside naked? Even when you're on vacation? Just saying.


Image via KAT/Splash News

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