Lamar Odom May Finally Be Showing Small Signs of Improvement

This is great news! Lamar Odom has reportedly opened his eyes, after several days of being in a coma at a Las Vegas hospital. According to reports, the NBA star has even been able to communicate "yes," although it's not known how he was able to show his response.


Odom has been in critical condition at Sunrise Hospital since being found unconscious and unresponsive at the legal brothel Love Ranch South on Tuesday afternoon. It is believed that he injected both cocaine and some form of herbal Viagra.

Estranged wife Khloe Kardashian (the pair separated in December 2013, but their divorce still hasn't been finalized) raced to his side, along with several other members of their families. She even paid for Lamar's ex and his two children to come be with him.

It hasn't looked good for the sports star, who was placed in a medical coma and on dialysis Wednesday after suffering from an apparent heart attack and organ failure. He's also suffered from prolonged brain swelling, and doctors haven't been able to speculate on the amount of brain damage that may have occurred.

TMZ is reporting that Lamar's heart function continues to improve, and that that's a good sign of his recovery. However, other sources have told the site that while Lamar's eyes may have opened, doctors still consider it to be an involuntary function.

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We can't know exactly how Lamar is doing right now, but we do know that he has the love and support of many. Khloe has reportedly remained by his bedside for the last 72 hours, with many other family members coming to show their support as well. Odom's former teammates, including Kobe Bryant, have asked for prayers for the situation, and even though Odom's made some questionable choices, I think we're all rooting for him to get better.

We hope to hear nothing but good news coming out of Lamar's camp. Today's might be small, but it's something, and every step toward getting better counts!


Image via Jeff Lewis/EduStarts/Splash

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