Angelina Jolie Can't Wait to Turn 50 & the Reason Will Break Your Heart

Angelina Jolie goodwill ambassadorMost women are lying if they say they can't wait to grow older. Seriously? Of COURSE we all can. But Angelina Jolie Pitt thinks she'll have made it when she reaches that milestone, and we believe her. Because it's kind of the most bittersweet reason ever.


Angelina's gracing the November issue of Vogue magazine and promoting her new film, By the Sea, in which she stars with her husband, who also happens to be an actor. You might have heard of him.

In the interview, it's clear that Angelina's life is busy, to say the least. Not only did she write, direct, AND star in By the Sea, but she has six kids between the ages of 7 and 14. And she travels all over the world for the United Nations, as a Special Envoy to the High Commissioner for Refugees.

You'd think Angelina's desire to turn 50 would have something to do with finally being able to take a nap. But nope.

It has to do with her health.

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If you remember, a few years ago, Angelina was informed she had inherited the BRCA1 gene, which put her at high risk of developing cancer. (Angelina's mother and grandmother both passed away from ovarian cancer.)

To protect her health, Angelina chose to have a preventative double mastectomy. Earlier this year, she also had her Fallopian tubes and ovaries removed, which caused her to go through early menopause.

Which leads us to Angelina's desire to keep aging, as hastily as possible.

"Both of the women in my family, my mother and my grandmother, started dying in their 40s," she told Vogue. "I'm 40. I can't wait to hit 50 and know I made it." 

It's a heart-wrenching reason. Made even more so when you think about how much this Academy Award–winning actress has accomplished professionally and philanthropically -- and then realize that she won't truly feel she's "made it" for another 10 years. And then, just because she's alive.

Like or don't like Angelina as an actress, you have to admire the great lengths she's gone to, to ensure she'll be around a long time for her family.

Here's hoping the next decade goes smoothly and quickly for her.


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