Amy Schumer's Body Image Honesty Makes Us Love Her Even More (VIDEO)

amy schemer body image issues Though this funny lady might always come off as cool and confident to her fans, it turns out she doesn't always feel so great on the inside. Comedian Amy Schumer reveals that she struggles with body issues that have sometimes made her want to "throw in the towel." 


Like many women, the Emmy winner says though she felt good about herself on the inside, when it came time to put on an outfit, she often found her self-esteem plummeting. 

You'd never know from her act or her hit TV show Inside Amy Schumer that she really felt this way. Clearly, she's been masking this pain with humor -- which is so common. It makes us admire her all the more that she's sharing her emotional journey and what has ultimately led her to feel fantastic. Take a look:

It's so sweet to see her moved to tears by how much her Trainwreck stylist Leesa Evans helped her and her sister discover how to dress to feel like the super-smart and stunning ladies they are.  

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Now Schumer's making it her mission to share what she's learned. In teaming up with Goodwill of Southern California, the star is hoping to inspire other women through fashion. 

The recent Saturday Night Live host and her stylist prove you don't have to be stick-thin or out there picking up the latest fashions to feel good about yourself. It's a message that definitely bears repeating -- especially when it's coming from someone as bold and honest as Schumer. 

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