Kate Middleton Thinks Prince Harry Should Pick Up the Slack for William

The Duchess of Cambridge is beginning to resemble Snow White's Wicked Queen, if you believe all of the tales about her these days. The latest is my personal favorite: Kate Middleton reportedly asked Queen Elizabeth to keep Prince Harry busy so that Prince William can spend more time at home.


Kate apparently feels it is high time for 31-year-old Harry to step up and take on more royal responsibilities, which she believes will free up time for Prince William, who can then help her out more at home with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly happy to honor her request because she'll do anything to encourage them to fix their supposed marital issues and thinks one way to do it is to let them have more quality time together.

If you believe the rumor, it may explain why Harry has been hard at work hosting and attending several events lately, including the Walking With the Wounded 17-mile walk and the Rugby World Cup reception held at Buckingham Palace. Harry attended the latter with his grandmother, while Kate and Will were nowhere to be found.

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The royal couple is expected to attend a state dinner later this month with guest of honor China's president Xi Jinping, so it's not like they're planning on bowing out of all of their responsibilities. But I can understand why Kate might feel anxious about taking on most of the parenting duties solo.

I'm sure she understands that William has made a commitment to represent the United Kingdom and perform charity work, but who can blame her for wanting him to take a temporary hiatus while their children are young? I have my doubts that Kate approached the Queen about her concerns, but it doesn't seem like such a reach that she might feel this way. If there is truth to the rumor that they're going to become king and queen, they'll have plenty of years to make up for the mini break they take right now.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News 

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