Prince William Gives Sweet Update on Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Ever wonder what Prince George and Princess Charlotte are like behind closed doors? Prince William used interesting words to describe George and Charlotte, and we can now honestly say Kate Middleton and William probably have their hands full.


No matter how calm your children are, if you have two tots under 3 living under the same roof, chances are life is going to be happily chaotic for a few years. With that said, William and Kate may have gotten a bit of a break with Charlotte, who was born in May, but they need it, judging by the way William described his son.

When the prince visited Cambridge University, he reportedly spoke with Professor Christopher Dobson, who revealed to reporters that William gave him a bit of insight into his children's characters.

"He said George is very lively and Charlotte is very lady-like," Dobson said. "He said they were both delightful of course."

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Ha! As the mom of a "lively" toddler boy, allow me to translate what that really means. Two-year-old George has likely figured out how to pull electrical outlet covers off and then runs around the house hiding them in houseplants. He enjoys finger painting on the walls with his oatmeal. His favorite word is "No!" and he only knows how to say it in the loudest tone of voice possible.

"Lively" little George is also probably totally sweet and more affectionate than most -- the kind of child who throws his arms around your neck for an intense hug. He may be into everything, but I bet he's also learning by doing at a rapid pace and will be only too happy to teach Charlotte everything he knows when the time comes.

It's good to hear the royal couple can at least pause and breathe for a second when Charlotte is around, and it's always lovely to raise children with very different personalities, because they will hopefully balance each other out and make life at Anmer Hall a lot more interesting -- and fun. All parents should be lucky enough to have a "lively" George to keep them on their toes.


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