Scott Disick Hopes Rehab Will Save His Relationship With Kourtney Kardashian

kourtney kardashianIt's recently been reported that Scott Disick has entered rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Supposedly, the incredibly sad Lamar Odom situation has terrified Disick, forcing him to finally get the help that he needs. However, he isn't just in rehab for his personal issues. Scott is reportedly hoping to win Kourtney Kardashian back in the process. 


A source told Hollywood Life that Scott is "sure" he and Kourtney will get back together after he gets out of the Malibu treatment center where he's currently being treated. The insider suspects that Kourtney, understandably, will be hesitant after all that he's put her through, but notes that anything is possible since Kourtney is "addicted" to Scott. 

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As heartbreaking as the Lamar situation is, hopefully something good will come out of it -- namely Scott getting the help that he desperately needs, because, with the risk of sounding harsh by my saying this, he could be next. Since his split with Kourtney, the father of three has been partying nonstop, and perhaps this was the only thing that could get him to get help. 

As far as he and Kourtney are concerned, who knows? If he really, truly got help and changed his dangerous ways, perhaps Kourtney would take him back. That said, though, how would she ever know if he's "for real" this time?

Here's to hoping that this is it for Scott. Nothing good could possibly come from his current lifestyle. And here's to hoping Kourtney proceeds with caution. It's going to take a while for Scott to prove he really is a changed man. 


Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

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