Could the Sale of Anna & Josh's Home Signal the First-Ever Duggar Divorce?

Anna and Josh DuggarEver since the Josh Duggar cheating scandal broke, one of the biggest questions on the minds of fans and observers alike has been "What will Anna do next?" And now the sale of Anna and Josh's Arkansas home might provide some clues!


According to documents obtained by InTouch Weekly, Anna and Josh sold the five-bedroom home they purchased in January on August 24, just five days after the Ashley Madison scandal broke. Interestingly, it appears that they sold the house for only $10 and the buyer appears to be Duggar family friend and lawyer Travis Story.

Hmm, $10 for a five-bedroom house? To a Duggar insider? That seems somewhat fishy to me. I wonder if they were worried they might get sued?

Of course, the sale of the house has generated a lot of speculation about where Anna and the kids are living now and where Josh will live after he exits the faith-based program he is currently in.

InTouch reports that Anna and the kids are staying with her family in Florida, but recent Instagram pictures from Jessa (Duggar) Seewald appear to tell a different story. A recent picture shows Jessa's husband Ben holding Anna and Josh's youngest daughter while standing in the Duggar parents' home in Arkansas.

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No matter where Anna and the kids are currently living, I'm sure that there are many fans who are hoping the sale of this house is a sign that Anna is done with Josh for good. No word yet on when he will finish his "treatment" program or when he or Anna will issue another public statement.


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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