Anna Duggar Has Every Right to Be Angry at Michelle's Bedroom Advice

Michelle Duggar recently reposted a blog entry from over a year ago, in which she dispensed advice to new wives to always give in to their husband's sexual needs in order to keep him satisfied, and word at the rumor mill is that Anna Duggar is none to pleased with her mother-in-law's insinuation.


Just a few days ago, the 19 Kids and Counting matriarch reposted a blog entry about the importance of being open to your husband's sexual advances -- at all times, no matter what. She related it to sandwiches, saying that anyone can make your man a sandwich, but only you can provide him with that special flower. (I'm paraphrasing here -- but wouldn't it have been awesome if she said special flower?)

In light of the fact that her eldest son Josh recently got caught cheating on Anna with the help of the notorious infidelity website Ashley Madison, it seems like quite the pointed barb in Anna's direction.

Why the heck would Michelle post something like that, with all her family is going through right now? Does she really blame Anna for not giving her husband enough sex? No sex is enough sex for those with sex addiction, which is what Josh is rumored to be in treatment for.

Anyway, a source told Hollywood Life that although Anna did blame herself at first, as she's gotten further away from Josh and had more support from her family and friends (not to mention the media), she's starting to understand that none of this is her fault.

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The insider revealed, "In fact, she's gone from feeling sad to angry. And adding fuel to the flame is Michelle's recent sex advice. Anna thinks her words are a direct aim at her and they are passive-aggressive and hurtful."

According to the source, Anna also feels like Josh's parents are in denial about his issues, and that it's easier for them to pin the blame on Anna rather than on their son, or on themselves for not getting him the proper help when he confessed to molesting his sisters as a young teen. "Anna doesn't buy into that pleasing mentality anymore because she was ALWAYS there for Josh even when she was exhausted and that didn't stop him from betraying her and the family," the insider said.

Good for Anna, getting her anger on. There's a lot for her to grieve, whether she decides to move forward with Josh or divorce him, and it's important to go through it all. And I don't blame her a bit for being upset at Michelle posting that this week. If it wasn't meant to be a jab, at best it was an incredibly insensitive thing to do.

Anna deserves better than that.


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