Lamar Odom Surrounded by Entire Family As Khloe Kardashian Makes Medical Decisions

khloe kardashian lamar odom kidsKhloe Kardashian has not left Lamar Odom's side since he was rushed to the hospital after a suspected overdose of cocaine and a myriad of other drugs. She is also joined by Lamar's kids -- Destiny and Lamar Jr. -- as well as his ex-wife Liza Morales. Because the divorce between Lamar and Khloe has not been finalized, Khloe is making some important medical decisions, and it has been reported that they are preparing for the worst.


Lamar doesn't have a living will. Sadly, these are things that are being discussed -- Lamar's condition is critical and he is in a coma. It was reported that Khloe arranged for Lamar's kids and his ex to fly from New York to Las Vegas to be there. She also flew in his father. She is so distraught and so concerned -- he really needs all of those who love him there by his side. They are all praying for a miracle, for Lamar to get better, to fight through this, but they are also said to be preparing to say good-bye. It's a difficult time for Khloe, and it seems she is making sure everyone who should be there for Lamar is ... as I'm sure she is leaning on them as well for support and help with decisions.

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Lamar's daughter Destiny is just 17 years-old. His son Lamar Jr. is only 13. The family also had a son named Jayden, born in 2005, who passed away from SIDS when he was just 6 months old. This is so terribly sad. We are all pulling for Lamar, holding out for positive news -- this shouldn't be the end.

Lamar was found unconscious at legal brothel Love Ranch South. The sheriff reported that Lamar has used cocaine and perhaps 10 tabs of some type of herbal Viagra. Lamar was found unresponsive and with blood coming from his nose and mouth by two employees at the ranch and rushed to the hospital.

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Right now, though, all that we should be concerned about is a recovery and for Lamar to fight to get well. It's comforting to know that he is surrounded by love -- Kim Kardashian has even canceled her baby shower to be by his side. All of his family and loved ones are there with him. And we are all hoping for a miracle.


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