Kate Middleton Keeps Prince William's Sweet Tooth on a Short Leash

Those Middleton ladies — Kate and Pippa — know a thing or two about keeping lean and in shape. And it seems the Duchess of Cambridge isn't above whipping those she loves into shape, as well: Kate Middleton reportedly keeps Prince William on a strict diet.


When Kate and Will attended an event at Harrow College in London on World Mental Health Day, the prince reportedly declined the offer of a few yummy cakes by quipping, "I'm not allowed cakes."

The funny and sweet 33-year-old dad then joked, "Also it is very difficult to talk to people when I am eating cakes. I would cover all your tops with chocolate. It's not very good."

Given her svelte frame, which Kate has managed to maintain through two pregnancies and years of dealing with the stress of joining the royal family (Queen Elizabeth and her reported remarks alone are enough to drive anyone to stress eat), the assumption here is that William isn't "allowed cakes" because his missus keeps him committed to following a healthy diet.

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Kate famously asked her younger sister Pippa to create a workout space at her country home and train her to lose weight and gain muscle tone after Charlotte's birth. She's also not above trying out different diet plans, including the Dukan Diet, which allows you to eat goodies like a French woman and still lose weight.

The duchess is obviously concerned with her health and figure, and it makes sense that she would stay on top of William, who is even juicing these days, thanks to Pippa and Kate's influence. There are times when the people we love need a bit of a kick in the pants to maintain a healthy lifestyle — Will is lucky to have Kate for that.


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