Kate Middleton's Rumored Feud With Kim Kardashian Is Beyond Ridiculous


There are times when you encounter a rumor so bizarre, you have to admire the creativity involved in conjuring it up. Even though many of us would pay to see it happen, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian are reportedly not friends, nor are they feuding — they're just two people who know of each other, which makes the gossip surrounding them sound downright crazy.


The original story, published in Star magazine, reportedly claimed Kim is desperate to become a part of Kate's inner circle and that she is "obsessed" with the Duchess of Cambridge. The mag called Kate her "idol" and claimed Kim has been trying to connect with Kate ever since Prince George was born because she'd like to set up a playdate with North West.

Wait, it gets better. An "insider" apparently told Star Kate has no interest in hanging out with Kim or Kanye and that Kim threw an absolute hissy fit when she found this out. She even reportedly screamed, "North is cuter than George, anyway!"

The insider even said Kim has been plotting for an invite to Kensington Palace, and is trying to "accidentally" run into Kate. She's starting to sound like a lovable goofball of a character Sandra Bullock would play on the big screen.

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It sounds incredibly far-fetched, right? Well, Gossip Cop reports that the entire story is fabricated and that a palace insider confirmed the tale is totally untrue. But we all could have guessed that!

There's something sad and silly about the way the media constantly tries to create feuds between famous women. So what if Kim happens to admire Kate's poise, wardrobe, or family? She's one of millions of women who feel the same way about the duchess. As far as we know, Kate has never gone on the record to talk about Kim — and she certainly has never slammed her.

Kate seems pretty private, and not one who hobnobs with Hollywood celebrities, so why would it surprise anyone if these two ladies have yet to go to tea together? Sure, I'd give my right arm for them to become friends, but the odds are against it, and that's not an insult to Kim — they simply live very different lives.


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