A Pricey Engagement Ring Could Lead to Divorce … Just Ask These Celebs (PHOTOS)

How much should a man spend on an engagement ring? Well, that depends on how long you want the marriage to last. Turns out that there's a sweet spot when it comes to the price of your diamond and the length of that marriage. Spend too much -- or too little -- and you may increase your odds for divorce.


According to a study by economists Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon, spending $2,000 to $4,000 on a ring is linked to being 1.3 times more likely for those men to divorce. But spending less than $500 is linked to increased odds for a woman to get divorced. So that sweet spot seems to be between $500 and $2,000.

According to a 2014 survey by The Knot, the average amount Americans spend on an engagement ring is $5,598. Seems like guys are paying for a lot more bling than they really need to in order to ensure a long marriage, but that's just my opinion. (Maybe don't forward this to your boyfriend.)

So what does this mean for celeb couples? We think these folks are dealing on a completely different economic scale. Obviously Jay Z isn't going to present Beyoncé with a ring worth $900! But we were curious to see if there's any correlation between the size and value of the engagement rock and the length of the union.

Divorced stars and their engagement rings

Did pricey engagement rings doom their marriages? Probably not, but they didn't help, either.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin: This golden couple met backstage at one of his concerts in 2002, just three weeks after Paltrow's father died. They married secretly a little over a year later.

Ring: Four-carat Asscher-cut diamond with micro pave halo, $90,000.

Marital status: Divorced. After a decade of marriage Paltrow and Martin consciously uncoupled. The two remain very friendly, living near each other and raising their two children together. Everyone's marriage should be as amicable as this divorce.

Actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise: This whirlwind romance began when the two met in 2005. Three months and one Oprah couch-jumping performance later, he proposed to her in a restaurant at the Eiffel Tower.

Ring: He asked her at the Eiffel Tower, and the estimated $275,000 five-carat Fred Leighton oval yellow diamond is surrounded by six carats of smaller diamonds.

Marital status: Divorced after six years, reportedly at least partly because Holmes did not want to raise their daughter, Suri, in Scientology. She has retained full custody of Suri.

Actress Jennifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck: This adorable pair fell in love on the set of 2003's Daredevil. They became engaged in 2005 and married a few months later.

Ring: Harry Winston 4.5-carat cushion-cut solitaire, $500,000.

Marital status: The two announced they were divorcing in 2015 during what would become known as the Summer of Celeb Splits. Fans of the couple were devastated. The couple had three children together and lasted 10 years, which is pretty darn long for Hollywood.

Singer Mariah Carey and comedian/rapper Nick Cannon: The diva and funny guy met in 2005 when he presented her with the Choice Music R&B Artist award at the Teen Choice Awards. They had a secret wedding in 2008.

Ring: A 17-carat pink diamond reportedly worth $2.5 million.

Marital status: Divorced after six years of marriage despite renewing their vows in 2013. The two have 3-year-old twins. Dude, that's a lot of ice for a six-year marriage!

Married stars who are still going strong ... we hope!

While the over-$4,000 trend doesn't always ring true in Hollywood, these couples aren't without their share of divorce rumors. Hopefully they're not next!

Actress/entrepreneur Jessica Alba and film producer Cash Warren: This famous duo met on the set of Fantastic Four in 2004. Three years later he asked her to marry him.

Ring: Five-carat Asscher-cut solitaire; $90,000.

Marital status: Married seven years with two daughters. The way these two stay out of the tabloids (aside from the occasional Honest Company sunscreen scandal), we think they'll make it at least to the 15-year mark.

Model Gisele Bundchen and football player Tom Brady: The famously gorgeous pair met through a friend in 2006. He broke up with Bridget Moynahan to date Gisele, only to discover that Moynahan was pregnant with his baby. Gisele and Brady became engaged in January 2009 and married in late February.

Ring: Four-carat Asscher-cut solitaire $150,000.

Marital status: Married for six years with two children, but rumored to be near divorce this summer. Now that they've weathered Deflategate together, we're hoping they go the distance.

Actress Reese Witherspoon and Hollywood agent Jim Toth: The couple met in 2009 when he rescued her from his drunken friend's advances. They became engaged in 2010.

Ring: Four-carat Ashoka diamond ring on diamond band, worth $250,000.

Marital status: Married for four years with a son, plus Reese's two children from her marriage with Ryan Phillippe. The couple's drunk driving incident from 2013 indicates that they may not be 100 percent stable. But they stuck together through it and haven't had an incident since.

Director/actress Angelina Jolie and actor/producer Brad Pitt: This scandalous pair famously fell in love in 2003 and 2004 while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith -- while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. They were engaged in 2012 and married in 2014.

Ring: Brad Pitt (with jeweler Robert Procop) spent a year designing Angelina Jolie's 16-carat ring, estimated to be worth $250,000, (some say up to $500,000).

Marital status: Married just over a year, though it's worth pointing out that these two have been a couple for over a decade and have six kids. Divorce rumors are always swirling, but we think these two are in it for keeps, especially after enduring Jolie's cancer-preventing surgeries.

Beyoncé and Jay Z: Was there ever a time when these two did not know each other, in some way? Their love was decreed by the gods, spelled out for the world in the stars. But the official story is that they met in music circles sometime between 1997-2000. They married in a private ceremony in 2008.

Rings: Instead of exchanging rings, the couple got matching IV tattoos on their ring fingers ... but that didn't stop Jay Z putting a ring on it, an 18-carat emerald-cut Lorraine Schwartz boulder worth $5 million.

Marital status: Still going strong despite divorce rumors, which intensified during their Mrs. Carter tour. Bey's father later said those rumors were fabricated for publicity. We think these two will stick together if for no other reason than that they're worth more as a couple than apart.

Model Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend: Our favorite couple met in 2007 when she was cast in the video for his single "Stereo." They became engaged in 2011 and married in 2013.

Ring: Chrissy joked via Twitter, "He went to Jared!" (referring to the affordable mall jewelry chain). But the couple never revealed details about her cushion-cut diamond engagement ring.

Marital status: It's only been a couple years, but they're expecting a baby and seem thrilled with each other. We're hoping that not revealing the engagement ring's value is the equivalent of buying an under-$2K ring for these two.

While some of these couples are still married, it sure looks like a more expensive ring doesn't ensure a long marriage -- or stop the split rumors from swirling. Maybe $90,000 to $250,000 is more of a "sweet spot" price for a long celeb marriage? At any rate, we hope the couples who are still married remain together for a good long time.


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