Lamar Odom's Dire Condition Suspected to Be the Result of Too Many Drugs

lamar odomWe don't know exactly what happened in the moments and hours leading up to Lamar Odom's being rushed to a Las Vegas hospital after being found unconscious. But reports are surfacing that show the state of mind Lamar may have been in -- there reportedly is evidence of drug use and track marks on Lamar's arms. One report notes that Lamar had every drug imaginable in his system.


Information is trickling in, and it's hard to know what exactly is fact. But we do know this: The situation is dire, and his loved ones are waiting to see what transpires in the critical next 48 hours. His ex Khloe, along with her mom Kris and sister Kim, immediately flew to be by his side.

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It was reported that Lamar is still conscious and on a ventilator -- it is believed he suffered a stroke, perhaps several strokes, and that he may have had a loss of oxygen, which is concerning because there could be lasting brain damage. One insider reportedly said that Lamar had been doing crack cocaine. There were reportedly traces of herbal Viagra in his system as well. It all appears to be an accidental overdose from partying too much.

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Another report said that Lamar had opiates in his system. Some at Sunrise Hospital reported they saw track marks on his arm, though it's unclear if they were there from previous drug use. Lamar has battled addiction and we were pulling for him to stay healthy. Two of his friends died from overdoses this year -- and we are all thinking nothing but positive thoughts in hopes that Lamar is able to pull through.


Image via Jeff Lewis/EduStarts/Splash News

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