Kris Jenner Says Scott Disick Will Always Be Considered Family (Huh?)

Not long after spewing some decidedly unpleasant thoughts about her daughter's ex, Kris Jenner says Scott Disick will always be family -- and she loves the guy.


In fact, she says they all love him! Meaning every last Kardashian and Jenner.

This is so, so weird.

For starters, Kris had just referred to Scott as a "piece of s--t" on the last episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and before that she never really seemed to be a huge fan. Remember when she all but begged Kourtney to ditch him, referencing the situation to the troubled marriage between O.J. Simpson and her bestie Nicole Brown Simpson?

Maybe Kris was just in really good spirits when she told Access Hollywood on October 13 how much she and the family love Scott, but something seems fishy to us. However, the family matriarch is one savvy lady, so we're assuming there's a very important reason behind her change of heart.

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Of course, it could just be Kris putting on a happy face for the benefit of her grandkids who call Scott their dad. No one wants to look back on stories in which their grandmother badmouths the man who helped give them life, right?

One of these days we'll find out what Kris is up to; until then we'll just enjoy the peace and family harmony.


Image via All Access Photo Group/Splash News

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