Kate Middleton Accused of Being Jealous of Another Fellow Princess

Every little girl on the planet dreams of being Kate Middleton — but rumor has it Kate Middleton is jealous of another royal: Princess Madeleine of Sweden. It seems the Duchess of Cambridge wants to remain the most popular princess in the world — and the Swedish beauty is stealing some of her thunder.


Kate has apparently been harboring feelings of envy toward the 33-year-old princess since her 2013 wedding to British-born banker Chris O'Neill. Kate reportedly refused to attend the event with Prince William, and, out of respect, Queen Elizabeth was forced to send the Earl and Countess of Essex in their place. Her jealousy seems to stem from the fact that both women are royals, but Madeleine is far more free to make decisions about her life without interference from her family — meanwhile, poor Kate is the recipient of harsh criticism any time she so much as cuts her hair.

Madeleine's adorable family situation, which is almost identical to Kate and Will's, doesn't help matters. She has a 1-year-old daughter named Princess Leonore and a 3-month-old son named Prince Nicolas. If Kate and Will thought they were giving the public what they wanted when they allowed photos to be taken outside of Charlotte's christening, they obviously had no idea what Madeleine and O'Neill had in mind when it came time to baptize Nicolas. The Swedish royal family actually televised the entire baptism.

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I really hope this gossip isn't true. Instead of considering her a rival, Kate should think of Madeleine as an ally — they would make excellent partners in crime. They both understand what it's like to live royal lives and could confide in each other about the many expectations their families have for them. It seems like Madeleine is a bit more relaxed than Kate, which makes sense considering she has been a princess since birth, but if they hit it off as friends, I bet she could give the Duchess of Cambridge a few pointers on how to handle the Queen and her royal duties.

I guess what I'm saying is: Kate and Madeleine need to form their own squad asap. Busy, stressed-out moms with little children can always benefit from the advice and companionship of other women — and these two are a perfect fit. It would be awesome if they proved this gossip wrong by turning up at a London lounge for cocktails.


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